Friday, October 2, 2009

Sponge Heart ~ happens

Two terms below I have more or less invented for relational purposes and here is the best definition I could write of each.

Sponge Heart: The phenomenon manifesting in the heart region of the body similar to the sensation of one’s heart being wrung out like a sponge. From an organic perspective, those emotive complexes attributable to relinquishment of semi-permeable barriers. Usually a sensory experience will induce the physical sensation. Such stimulants can include (but are not limited to) the following ~ mindful/present attention of one person to another without distraction, children’s reactions to things that make them smile, puppies, a beautiful sunset, an olfactory stimulus that pulls on memory, well played music, anyone performing sports, dance or movement of any kind when done exceptionally well, etc etc. Frequently people experiencing “sponge heart” do so when ensconced in the “love cloud”.

Love Cloud: The invisible, ethereal, magnetic realm that is omnipresent and simply by having mindful intention of such, can envelope and connect all sentient beings worldwide. It is a mutualistic, or, at a minimum, commensal, agreement between drifting organisms. The “cloud” gives one the sense of extreme well-being, abundance and contentment as if nothing is ever vexing. If problems arise, belief and knowledge that the cloud is omnipresent will bring one a sense of immediate relief. The French call this feeling en paix, in Arabic it is known as mahabbat which is loosely translated as "pure love", the East Indians see Ganesh as their lord representing this "remover of all obstacles" and is a good example of Love Cloud guardian. Speaking of the love cloud with others makes it come into being. For example, "I've noticed so-and-so has clearly fallen out of the Love Cloud"... within minutes that person is induced back into the cloud. The cloud 'is what it is', nothing more, nothing less and does not involve any implied membership or 'cult' status whatsoever.

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Anonymous said...

addendum to the definition of "Sponge Heart":
-those emotive complexes attributable to relinquishment of semi-permeable barriers

addendum to the definition of "Love Cloud":
-a mutualistic, or, at a minimum, commensal, agreement between two drifting organisms