Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The other side of the globe

Exactly twelve and a half hours (via time zones) ahead of San Francisco is the city of Chandigarh in northern India. This blog unearthed a few more "friends" from half a world away and our common love of motorcycling and my postings. Several times a week I'm getting the live "chat" (courtesy of facebook) from Umang Shankar as he recaps some of the amazing trips up through the Himalayas on his Royal Enfield. Umang found me via Gaurav Jani who I blogged about here last June. This specific group of five men are part of a larger club of about 150 people who call themselves the ROAD SURVIVORS and is comprised of JOJO, the club moderator and by far the most experienced of the group, riding a 2003 Thunderbird Enfield. ADIE is the technical spearhead of the club, a very experienced biker riding a 2005 Thunderbird Enfield. LOVELY rides a 2003 500cc electra. DEVESH rides a 2005 Thunderbird Enfield. Lastly UMANG rides a 2007 Thunderbird Enfield.

Below are a few photos from one of the Road Survivor's recent 600 mile, 3-day trips taken recently from Chandigarh up through Shimla and onto the Chansal Pass. These men are driving on perilous roads (if one can call them that) and are very challenging, some of the roads are still being "cut" into the hillside from the narrative account. For full photo story, click here. These guys are the serious modern day cowboys and adventurers and I salute them.

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I run Soul Trails Adventures... we operate motorcycle tours in India and in the region Umang, who is a close friend, covered... we also focus on Spiti Valley, Leh and Rajasthan as well...

The pics for the Trans Himalayan ride can be seen on