Friday, September 18, 2009

Never After show by Bow and Sparrow ~ bravo

Last night I went to the opening performance of Never After by Bow & Sparrow productions. Being greeted at the door by "Kitty" handing us name tags and the question "what name would you like to go by this evening" was the beginning of two hours of interactive entertainment. We entered the performance space to the sounds of excellent music and to the right of the entrance was a wine/beer bar with gorgeous costumed dancers/bartenders. After getting refreshments, we moved toward the center of the space to pull up a seat on a tuffet and the show commenced. Unique in that the audience was sitting in the middle of the room while the performers used the entire rest of the room as a stage. The effect was one where we were really in the middle of the story and events. There were excellent aerial and dance pieces with unexpected music (the full length song called Gorecki by artist named Lamb was playing in its entirety with the video below) that complimented the action ~ the evening far exceeded any expectations I may have had.

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