Thursday, June 11, 2009

home ~ at last

Yesterday was my final ride day and I was pleasantly surprised that Shemaiah was able to prioritize a "welcome home" meeting in Bodega Bay as he came up on his Honda CBR, bought me lunch and then we rode home the final 60+ miles to Sausalito. If you have the time and/or inclination to see a summary of my trip, here is the link to my photos and believe me, I paired it down to 133 from 600 pictures.

stats of interest: 2700 miles, 65 gallons of gas, motorcycle performed flawlessly, my most helpful gear had to be the Garmin Zumo GPS with my heated Aerostitch vest coming in close second (for the ride along the coast) and finally the iPhone had amazing coverage in that almost everywhere I went there was free wireless!

One final mirror shot taken yesterday just south of Elk, California

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brent h said...

nice anna mac! been great to follow you vicariously. welcome back...