Saturday, May 16, 2009

This time next week ~ a little moto trip

I'm finishing the staging of items to be packed onto the motorcycle for my 3000 mile trip to Canada ~ intended route is below (double click to enlarge). I intend to upload to this blog while on my trip whenever I encounter a PC.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anna - We met at SRBMW a few weeks ago. Dean and I were chewing the fat after our mountain bike ride. Anyway, may I suggest an alternate route? Instead of going north AND south on 101 through Eureka/Crescent City, consider in one direction going over highways 36 and 3. This connects Fortuna on 101 with Yreka on I-5. Weaverville is a nice place to stay. Then connect Ashland and Ft Klamath via Dead Indian Memorial Hwy and Westside Rd. I did this last year (on *my* way to Canada) and really enjoyed it.

Anyway, have yourself a fine trip!