Saturday, May 30, 2009

on Orcas Island today...

And the weather is continuing to be amazing. Took the ferry over late afternoon and staying with the Granger family here. The past few days have been pretty easy traveling, very light traffic ~ I can't figure out where all the people are but I'm not complaining. The photo above shows Mt. Rainer in my rear-view mirror as I made my way to Seattle. Picture below is taken on the Washington State ferry yesterday. I'm headed to Bellingham, WA this afternoon.

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Big Mike said...


Hate that I haven't gotten to shoot ya a message till now--I tried and failed a few days ago, and internet has been pretty hit or miss. I just got to catch up on your trek tho. Love the pictures, especially the ones of Hood and Ranier. Me and dad just 'shoved-off' from the Naval Base in Bremerton, WA this morning(where we were visiting my sister and brother in law/ re-upping our energy for the last few days). We ferried the bikes across the bay to Seattle as well--kindof neat.

As you've probably experienced, the weather over the past few days has been prime! We're somewhere in Idaho tonite, then heading down through Montana and into Wyoming tomorrow.

All my best to ya as you continue your trip--keep it safe!

-Mike Martin