Monday, May 25, 2009

Hello from Grants Pass, Oregon

I'm relaxing on the third evening of my trip and as I'm writing this, there is a Senegal parrot named Chicken making a shrieking call (imitating an alarm I was told) and a dog barking outside at the goats and horses as they're getting fed. Where am I? Well I'm at the "Heigel Family Ranch" here in Grants Pass Oregon tonight. We all had an afternoon of fun on dirtbikes as Devon (age 14) and his sister Sarah (age 12) demonstrated that they too can operate motorized two wheeled vehicles. I arrived here around 3:30p from Trinidad, CA on the coast where I spent night two at a gorgeous B&B overlooking the bay. I met a nice couple of folks, father/son named Alan and Michael Martin from Greenville, South Carolina who are on a month-long tour around the U.S. on BMW motorcycles of course. We spent about an hour talking and exchanging info, stories and I managed to get a photo of them and this link to their blog. Going back to the first night, I had a very good stay at the H & O Ranch in Willits with hosts Albert and Dave with guests Michael and Steve. I've never had three tastier meals or quite so many laughs in 24-hours.

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suzanna said...

You made it to Oregon - hooray! Looks like you're having a great time. Trinidad looks very familiar. I've spnt time hiking around the head there when I went to HSU.