Sunday, May 10, 2009

H is for Horse ~ H is for Helpful

On this fine sunny day I rode the bicycle out to the Presidio Riding Club in the Marin Headlands to go see Rachael and her horses and basically take some photos while I was there. Above is a picture of Rachael's dog Grin and he enjoys leading Chester around the barn, how helpful he is.

Then I have to share these two shots below that I was pleased to capture. The horse is named Jesse but I commonly (and affectionately) refer to her as "Jessifer" when she behaves like this which is to say, not exactly mindful. Rachael did a good job getting this horses 'beans out' though and managed to endure it without mishap.

The letter "H" as seen in the photo above ~ H is for Horse, H is for Howdy Pardner, H is for Hell but H is for "Happy" which in the end we all were.

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