Monday, April 6, 2009

Heading to Canada soon, thanks to Garmin too

Just over six weeks to go and I'll be heading out (May 23) for three weeks on a motorcycle trip to Vancouver, BC and back. This trip will have a very similar route to the one two years ago but the difference is that the good people at Garmin have let me borrow a ZUMO GPS to mount on the bike so the plan is to take more 'back roads' than before. Between this technology and my new iPhone, I hope to post often of my progress on this blog. In an effort to make the trip more affordable, most of the lodging is confirmed with friends but I'm still seeking places to stay along the Oregon Coast (of course!). The other news is that this trip has been pre-accepted as an article with BMW ON and I'm waiting to hear back from query letters to some other magazines as well. Here is the link to last September's magazine article.

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