Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunrise Ride to the top of Mt. Tam

This was my second annual sunrise ride to the top of Mt. Tam with approximately 300 other motorcyclists. Shemaiah and I headed over to the ARCO in Tam Junction where most people were gathering around 5am and taking off at periodic intervals up the mountain. Approximately halfway up we saw the unmistakable brakelights of a number of cycles as they slowed by a chap who flew into a mudbank and three guys were lifting his bike out... we motored past that rubberneck moment and continued to follow the steady stream of red taillights while tasting/smelling the exhaust of those in front. Arriving at 6am, it was still dark and we walked to the East to watch the sunrise. My pleasant surprise was encountering Uli K. and her husband Wolf. They had ridden their two Ducatis and it was Uli's first time on a motorcycle other than motorcycle class ~ I was impressed! The photos are here for review.

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