Saturday, April 25, 2009

Birthday BARF ~

No it's not the kind of BARF you usually hear about. It's the Bay Area Riders Forum and I went on their monthly ride last night on my birthday with Shemaiah. I have only been on a handful of group rides so didn't know quite what to expect but being only one of two BMWs among a sea of sport bikes, I knew it would be interesting. I'm happy to report I'm safely here writing about it thanks to the capable/safe riders but it had all the thrills one might expect including the unfortunate encounter with a seagull on Ocean Highway that ended in someone having a bloody boot (I narrowly missed being bike #3 to run over it).

I think the highlight for me was seeing the expressions on peoples faces as we rode around the various parts of the city for several hours including up to Coit Tower and setting off car alarms along the way. My bike was by far the quietest of the group. We were flipped off so many times, I lost count! Here's a link to my few photos of the night taken on the iPhone (so they're blurry).

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Sojourner rides said...

The ride sounded interesting and the video is rather dramatic. I've never done a group ride. I'm really stimulated riding solo, I'd probably expire from the over-simulation of a group ride ;-) But one of these days I might try it.