Tuesday, March 31, 2009

whistling ~ more on the subject

Once upon a time several years ago in my office, one of my coworkers came to work and dared to whistle an elaborate tune and being that I sat next to him, I had to set it straight immediately and request or rather demand the following "Excuse me David, but there will be no whistling in this office please".

Eventually David decided to take a position elsewhere in a whistle-friendly company and he delightfully wrote an e-mail reporting that in his new place of employment he was at liberty to whistle to his heart's content. I expressed joy on his behalf and inwardly felt relief that it wasn't happening around me.

Then a dreadful thing happened recently in my office ~ a new employee has a frequent and seemingly endless need to whistle. "Eeegads" I said to myself, I can't be the only one that gets driven up a wall by this and so I did a little research. So here's a lovely little link to a blog about whistling which is offensive to others as well to support my proclivity. The comments to the blog post are what is really funny.

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