Tuesday, March 17, 2009

when you discover your nephew is a pirate

This is my five-year-old nephew Ted who is now affectionately known as the "pirate." This last weekend I went to visit him and the rest of my family in Coronado at his grandparents home and I heard the most humorous anecdote from his mom (my sister Rae). Within 24 hours of Teddy's arrival, he had managed to meander through the house and privately discover "Nanny's" jewelry box filled with gold 'treasure'. Ted wasted no time grabbing as many shiny gold objects as he could hold and migrate back to the room where he was staying. His father noticed him and sensed something was 'going on' since Teddy exhibited the same suspiciously furtive behavior as an episode some months ago when he 'walked the goldfish' around the house in a shallow tupperware bowl ~ nearly killing it.
So father Will inquired "Teddy, what have you got there in your hands?".
Before Ted could stash his loot, he admitted ~ "I found some treasure."
"Where did you find it Ted?"
"I found it buried deep in the backyard" he replied without hesitation.
Well the treasure was returned to the jewelry box but the temptation remains and Ted still longs for some treasure. I know what to do on his birthday now and it involves having his parents dig a hole in the backyard and bury some stuff I'm sending their way! Here's a picture drawn Sunday by this same pirate ~

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shiv said...

Your nephew could probably be a guest lecturer at this course at the University of Chicago which is offered by the anthropology department!