Monday, February 23, 2009

Last night's dream ~ a doozy

Sometimes I just have to put dreams down in writing as they are so completely strange. I know this one was partially inspired by the very odd "squirrel melt" video my friend sent me awhile ago on YouTube (check it out). Anyway, the dream went like this and yes please feel free to comment your interpretations:

I was at some woman's house, I seemed to know her albeit not super well. She had some 'volunteers' in there as guests that she was hosting a dinner party for ~ some people who volunteered at homeless shelters giving baths and helping change clothes to mendicant people. One African American guy was really interesting, he was the pure incarnation of love and I enjoyed talking to him. Anyway, I started really wondering about the whole scene along this time when the kids were running around without diapers on swinging the cat or something. Upon closer inspection it was some live animal they seemed to be 'playing with' when I noticed it was a squirrel and what was really shocking was that it was a squirrel they were playing with that came out of the batch of six that were being cooked up for dinner on the rotisserie in the kitchen! I saw the women heating them up and I asked myself, WTF? We're eating squirrel meat for dinner? Around that time a woman on the couch was really strung out and she asked me to find a piece of aluminum foil to cook her crack in. She said it was okay because the hostess wouldn't mind. Hostess was upstairs at that moment. So I did as I was told and found tinfoil but I made sure to stand outside the range of the crack smoke as she was smoking it. I dutifully reported to the hostess that this woman had just smoked crack, she said it was okay and she was aware of it. I think at that time I realized I really had to GET OUTTA there!

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