Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Starbucks Oracle

I was behind one of those people at Starbucks today that issued forth a stream of almost unintelligible words that didn't exist 20 years ago for their drink order. And they seemed to speed it along like they were going to get a prize "5 shot venti, 2/5th decaf, ristretto shot, 1 pump Vanilla, 1 pump Hazelnut, breve,1 sugar in the raw, with whip, caramel drizzle on top, free poured, 4 pump mocha". Now I just made this one up but it was something to this effect. The barista (God bless her) read it back even faster and it occurred to me the lunacy of what it sounded like as if they were going to go into surgery together. I tried not to roll my eyes (for fear of losing a contact lens). I think baristas should get some kind of award from Starbucks occasionally in recognition of 'taking the job so seriously' with these drink orders. Perhaps they could receive one of these dolls below or something. I wonder if it's true what I read once, "the longer the drink order, the larger the a---hole." who knows? Catherine from Bellingham just sent me this cool website {The Starbucks Oracle} where you can submit your drink order for feedback about yourself, click here to find out more.


Cat Wallace said...

So when you put that order into the Oracle of Starbucks, it comes back: "FREAK" http://www.buttafly.com/starbucks/index.php
... d'uh, really?? Mine pegs me as high maintenance (quad grande Americano with cream and 2 sugars). I can live with that.

shiv said...

I worked at a coffee shop that brew starbucks in grad school and gosh I was more stressed behind the counter than I was about any of my assignments.People are pretty serious about their coffee . . . we just say strong or light coffee and By-two coffee if you want to share one large cup of coffee with a friend in India, how simple is that!