Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Little Prince Tiny Feet ~ how does he not tip over when he walks?

The theme for the past couple of holiday parties has been "feet". My favorite has to be the incident last night where I walked into the Stratagem Holiday Party at a beautiful restaurant in San Francisco's Laurel Heights neighborhood and Paul (the host) remarks "oh look, there's little prince tiny feet". He went on to explain that LPTF is the affectionate name bestowed on this particular man Paul sees around town who seems to have such small feet that one wonders how he locomotes without tipping forward.

Then last Saturday night at Margret and Dave's party, a guest was kneeling to pick up something when lo and behold, I managed to snap this picture of his heels, a good deal for men's shoes size 11 ($39.90) at Nordstrom's Rack.


Raquel said...

HYSTERICAL. I had a really bad day today and I can't stop laughing. Thank you!

Anonymous said...


Only you can capture something like this and share it with rest of us. Great fun. I can't stop smiling everytime I think about it.