Sunday, November 30, 2008

Theatre of Dreams ~ objects for an imaginary life

Friend Nancy always immerses me in culture that I otherwise wouldn't have known about and today was no exception. We headed over to Port Costa in the East Bay to visit Wendy Addison's studio. Nancy had known of Wendy's work and so I tagged along. Having been one time before to Port Costa, I was glad to see it hadn't changed.

This little town at the end of a dead-end road is so funky I could swear that I traveled through a worm hole to get here. And today was no exception with the heavy fog that enshrouded only Port Costa and not even the nearby town of Crockett. Wendy's studio is a perfect compliment to the place as she specializes in "objects for an imaginary life". We enjoyed walking through and seeing the methods for which Wendy creates art with respect to methods perfected in Victorian times, crushed glass for glitter, letterpress ribbons and decorations and some very hard to explain but breathtaking art that provokes surreal mystery and mood. Being in this space for only twenty minutes had a grounding and healing effect on my nervous system, i left feeling refreshed and happy. To see more about Wendy and her work, click here to view her blog and to see more of my personal photos then click here.

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Ian said...

Anna, I lived in Port Costa for six months. We lived in the converted hayloft of the Port Costa Mercantile Building. My neighbor was a third generation Port Costan. It was an interesting town; no house to house mail delivery and about 1/3 of the people in town decided not to rent a PO Box so they just didn't receive any mail.