Monday, September 8, 2008

BMW ON Magazine comes through...

Today I got a call from a friend in Madison and fellow BMW motorcycle enthusiast who said "hey, you made the cover!" So not only did I get my motorcycle story published in the BMW ON magazine this month but the cover shot too (originally taken on the southern coast of Oregon on my way home). You can read this online by clicking here.

and the photo below has a theme ~ 'things i love' as in ~ horses, motorcycle and the fact that i got an article published. Maybe a bit of a beginning along these lines (writing for magazines).


Anonymous said...

WOW - congratulations! That's pretty hot stuff. The article and the pictures are fabulous.

Congrats again!


Sojourner rides said...

Congrats Anna! I saw your story in BMW ON--and have it marked to read as soon as I dig out from a work backlog. Looking forward to snuggling up with the mag soon.