Friday, July 18, 2008

But I enjoy a horse's backside...

Almost exactly five years ago, this thing happened with my friend Halcyon (his actual real name). About twice a year if not more often, Halcyon and I like to meet for breakfast early in San Francisco at one of the 'fancy' hotels where the decor never changes. We call it the 'little old lady breakfast' or LOLB for short because how can you not feel like one when you're in those hotels with all the baroque decorations. Halcyon lives in New York City and I'm lucky if I can get two LOLB's in a year. So on July 22nd 2003 we had one of our breakfast's planned at the Fairmont and that morning he was a no-show. It was very suspicious and I was concerned. I received an e-mail around 10am that day and it opened with "Hey! Someone took my picture when I was leaving the stable this morning." and then his apology with this photo below. How could I not forgive him?

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