Monday, June 2, 2008

putting people to sleep ~ me and Pokémon are one

Last weekend I learned about my Pokémon kindred spirit named JIGGLYPUFF. I've been accused of putting people to sleep with the sound of my voice so Jiggly and I have stuff to talk about. I like the part where once the people are asleep, the black marker comes out and draws on their faces! Brilliant.

FROM WIKIPEDIA: Jigglypuff's signature attack is to sing its opponent to sleep. The song's sound waves matches that of the brain waves of something that is asleep, and anything within earshot will be affected unless protected by an innate ability (such as Insomnia or Soundproof) or interference from additional sounds. Jigglypuff can easily adjust the wavelength of its voice, without pausing to take a breath. If the target shows no sign of sleepiness, there is a possibility it will not stop singing.

Here's the annoying jiggly song:

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Anonymous said...

A wonderful thing about the pokemon universe is that it incorporates the concept of evolution. The evolutions (I think there are two?) of Jigglypuff: Wigglytuff is one of 'em and maybe another is Igglybuff. Thank you Nintendo for doing your part in combating ignorance! -ej