Saturday, June 28, 2008

A face full of monkey

Last night Nancy and I did a few city events following work. We happened upon this place called Horizon Restaurant and Lounge on Broadway in SF. She noticed it and we went inside. I personally thought it was yet another strip club since it is situated in the middle of all of that. We were pleasantly surprised by the food {amazing lamb burgers} and atmosphere and the server was a really funny young man who educated me on a new term that he made up -- "face full of monkey". Here's the context -- Mark (the server) tells us "yeah, people can't always tell we're a restaurant because we occasionally get men walking in the front door expecting a face full of monkey and then they see we're a restaurant." Wow, so many possibilities with that term.

Then we drove over to the deYoung Museum since the Chihuly exhibit was going on and Friday eve hosted over 100 Flamenco dancers performing in the atrium. We didn't make it in time for the dancers but the Chihuly work was breathtaking and worth seeing.

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