Monday, June 30, 2008

WTF with that tree ~ who did that?

So I had dinner at Mary and Dan's* house {*names changed to protect the innocent} and I heard this story --

Last week Dan was in the city to take care of some of his rental property on Telegraph Hill. He and his handyman Roberto had trimmed some trees and had to dispose of some branches. Low and behold there was a handy trailer with logos on the side that stated "Tree Trimming and Hauling". Dan figured since they didn't have too much greenery to dispose of -- why not just toss the branches into the trailer? So up and over the side they went and Dan went about his business.

Some time later an angry looking 'Hells Angel' man with big arms and tattoos came toward Dan and questioned "Hey man, did YOU see anyone toss any tree branches in the back of THAT trailer over there?" Dan decided that giving this man the truth would put him in harm's way as determined from the saliva build-up in the corners of this guys' mouth and the veins protruding from his neck. This angry guy literally questioned all the people on the street from UPS drivers to dog walkers, you name it. Nobody was the wiser thank goodness.

Dan was still scratching his head as to why this guy would be so upset for having trees flung into his tree-hauling trailer until moments later the rear hatch was opened to show two VINTAGE and perfectly restored Harley Davidsons inside the trailer with some big old tree branches gracing the top of the handlebars. Dan almost fell over and quickly regained composure so nobody would see him. And then he made a beeline out of there.


Anonymous said...

well put....
& it's my story and I 'm stickin to it!
I love your blog!

Tiny Noodle said...

hahaha - that is hilarious!