Monday, May 5, 2008

unusual things i see out my window

Here's one from yesterday, what do you think it is?

Well, it's a sunken 30-foot sailboat obviously sitting on the mud. It happened yesterday afternoon in some pretty heavy winds here in Sausalito. It's still out there right now (in the dark). Can't get the straight story on what happened to make it sink but I did hear that everyone got off of it without incident (4 people).


Sojourner rides said...

Initially, it looked like a toy! Glad everyone escaped harm. Interesting pictures that could tell more than one story!

EricJ said...

that more or less happened to me many years ago. Under somewhat embarrassing circumstances that I won't go into but suffice to say that the wind suddenly changed direction and wham, I and the boat were over. The boat stayed on its side but the mast sunk into the mud of San Pablo Bay and eventually bent. I loosened all the sheets and stood on the centerboard, but to no avail. Was eventually rescued and the boat was hauled up by a motorboat. A king-sized drag.