Friday, April 18, 2008

Wormholes -- they exist more than you might know

A wormhole has been identified just outside the south-facing side of 650 California St. (my office) in San Francisco and every now and then if you look closely, you'll see a 'humanoid form' get thrust into our atmosphere when it materializes on one of the circular patterns (wormhole)... we saw this alien life form back on August 24, 2007 in the shape of a human materialize right in front of our eyes:

Then just yesterday we were seeing noteworthy activity at the wormhole. Andrew Slusser both witnessed and photographed the series of movements seen below in the afternoon at 1:52pm. Empirical evidence is extrapolating a link to hyperactivity of alien life forms appearing in the portal in the months of the year beginning with “A”. We’re also trying to ascertain if the ‘measurement behavior’ has anything to do with preparation for transporting other ‘objects’ that exceed the current size of the transponder. See earlier sighting recap summarized below these photographs.

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