Sunday, April 20, 2008

mr. pickle, is that a wood duck or what?

This afternoon I went over to my long-time friend Jenny's house. I've known Jenny since 1973 when we met at camp in Forest Knolls riding horses. Jenny has two children Miles (age 10) and Megan (age 12) with her husband Peter. So we went for a little walk at Phoenix lake -- me, Miles and Jenny.

This is Miles after pointing out the various waterfowl in the area complete with detailed information about the different species. His personal favorite for weeks now are wood ducks. He insisted his next pets will be a pair of ducks to be housed in the backyard.

Then Miles and I got into a discussion about invisible pets and friends. I thought it was perhaps a better idea to have invisible duck pets but Miles already had that angle figured out with his invisible buddy Mr. Pickle who seemed to be with him on and off but was inevitably dissappearing often.

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