Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Word Quotas, Everyone Has Them...

I can't remember if it was my sister's friend Brian or a friend of his that introduced the concept of 'word quota'. It goes something like this -- everyone on the planet has daily word quotas and obviously we're not all the same. You've met the occasional low word count person who responds with one or two word answers and never initiates conversation. It's as if their word 'gas tank' was on Empty and they couldn't muster the resources. Then the other extreme is the ultra high quota person who can't get their daily words out and so sometimes even resorts to talking with themselves. It's been observed that men and women on average have diverse word quotas. Men seem to have less than woman but that's been hotly contested as recently as last year in the press (SF Chronicle). Then I must talk about the concept of 'word burgling' where the low word people go to open their mouths and someone else completes their thoughts out loud. This is outright robbery. I dare you to look around and make your own mental notes and observations about such a concept... I'll bet you'll be amazed.

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