Monday, June 25, 2007

Dream Diary, another entry here...

Last night I was dreaming that I met a dolphin in some kind of marine mammal park and we were allowed to pet him. So I did and when I did, he “spoke” to me. I immediately knew he was using “thought” projection and so I did the same to him back. It went something like this:

Dolphin : can you hear me?
Me: yes of course, is that you (dolphin) talking to me?
Dolphin : yes it is, why can’t other people do this with me?
Me: I’m not sure but this is great, how are you in there (the tank)?
Dolphin: fine but I’d really like something to eat, can you get me a banana?
Me: Banana? I’ve never heard of a dolphin eating a banana
Dolphin: Most dolphins love bananas but their just hard to get in the ocean
Me: should I peel it?

I woke up shortly after thinking “COOL, All I have to do is ‘thought project’ to communicate with mammals.

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